Tuesday, 29 January 2013

More about the trip!

I want to let you know a little about what I'm doing and why.
I've always wanted to travel and help children in the world somewhere, but being a musician it's impossible to take the time out, firstly when you're studying and then when trying to carve out some kind of career. It's only now I feel I can take the time if only 3 weeks and I feel able to do it on my own.
The charity children in crossfire www.childrenincrossfire.org is run by Matthew Banks a friend of my brothers and one project they have is in a children's cancer ward in Dar es salaam. I'll be doing music workshops, arts and crafts workshops, face painting, balloon modelling and anything else I can think of to put the biggest smiles on those children's faces.
I've met with some of the best workshop leaders for music and art, who have given me invaluable advice and ideas. I've learnt to balloon model and to have better computer skills. It's already been a huge learning journey for me and I've not even left yet.
I've got so many people to mention and thank, but will do so nearer my departure.
For now please stay in touch and I can't wait to up load pictures for all to see.

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