Monday, 9 June 2014

The new Adventure

Well it's 4 weeks until we return to Tanzania. This time I won't be on my own. Chris, Herbie and Maimi are coming too!

Our house as you can imagine is buzzing with excitement and bags of teddys, games and general fun stuff waiting to be found a space in the 7 suitcases we can take.

As usual people's generosity has been amazing even before we leave. Han and Woody have incredibly kindly donated their house to us for the whole of our stay! This really made the trip possible. Chris and I have been loaned instruments to take by Kolla, Terry and Jo. Donations of toys and games have been coming in thick and fast. It's all really taking shape.

Ofcourse I'm still waking in the middle of the night worrying if taking the kids with us is the right thing to do. Will it all be a bit much for them at the hospital? I'm hoping that after a day or 2 they get use to the sites , smells and sounds and start to have fun with the children and actually make some friends.

I know for sure that Herbie and Maimi will very quickly become the people the hospital kids look forward to seeing more than anything. It's just the first shock o everything new that we need to overcome.

I ask Chris and the kids to write a few posts on here so we can really get their perspective on the whole adventure.

Ps £24,713.70 has been donated so far by the efforts of all the amazing gradeoneathoners! I simply cannot wait to see how the money will be spent!
That bit is beyond exciting.


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