Sunday, 14 April 2013

Your money

I promised I'd let you know where all the money kindly donated before my trip went.
So here it is
£510 donated in total
£40- sodas and biscuits for teachers and parents at the hospital- they were over the moon-a big great!
£25- parachute. So much fun had with that!
£30-paints and balloons.
£115- suitcase excess.
£300-I gave the rest straight to the charity and they tell me it's going directly to buy outside play equipment. They will also hopefully have enough for printer ink and paper.

So as you can see every penny was used. None was lost in admin, or transfer costs.

I can't thank you enough for your help and support. It made a direct difference to people lives, who are a damn site less fortunate than us. Thank you

Ps-incase you didn't see this before, this is the letter I received on my return to England. I must go back and am raising the funds to get me there.
My just giving ad

Dear Joanna Watts,
Letter of appreciation and future plans
27th March 2013
I wanted to write to you on behalf of Children in Crossfire to thank you for the great work you have done during your recent 3 weeks volunteering in our Paediatric Oncology Programme. We do not write letters for all volunteers, but your dedication, enthusiasm and unconditional engagement with the children was exceptional and I wanted to personally acknowledge that.
As you experienced, music can have a transformational impact on children’s experience whilst they are receiving treatment for cancer. This is well known in The West, but in Africa, poor resources mean that these elements of treatment are often neglected.
Children in Crossfire are keen to maintain the momentum of your visit and to integrate a more comprehensive music therapy element into our existing play therapy programme. As we discussed, over the coming year we have funding to establish new children’s cancer wards in 2 regional hospitals in Tanzania, in Mwanza and Moshi. Alongside the clinical services we will work through our local partner ‘Tumaini La Maisha’ to deliver non-clinical services. Part of this will be the play therapy programme.
We would love to work with you to integrate music therapy to that programme and invite you to return next year to deliver this programme and train local staff to be able to sustain the joy you bring to the children.
However, as you know, great ideas need funding and, although we have some funds for the non-clinical services, we do not currently have funds for the music therapy element. It would be great to work with you to develop a plan and budget of what would be needed. Once we have this we can support you in whatever way possible to raise the funds to make it happen. I look forward to on-going discussions that can progress this idea. It is always good to maintain momentum, so lets talk soon.
Once again, from all at Children in Crossfire and the children at Muhimbili Hospital, thank you for everything you have done. Now, let’s do more!
Kind Regards,
Matthew Banks
Head of International Programmes Children in Crossfire


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