Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Some more pictures

 The last day was so much fun, singing, dancing and face painting.

 This is Yasiri, it was his birthday the day the popstars did their show.He's very clever, loves art and music, and is such a happy soul! So good to see him having such a good time. That was 5 days before I left. He was not well on my last day and not himself.

 These 2 pictures are from my visit out to the children home in the middle of nowhere built and run by Robert and Mary from Kidzcare Tanzania
 More fun from the hostel
At the International school after our concert with the young violinists. I'm glad I had that experience out there too. As these kids are quite privaleged, but still happy and loving music in the same way as all the others I met.

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PEAPOD said...

I would just like to say how moving your posts are. I am a grammy winner for the titanic movie and am something of a star in India for doing very similar things, I salute your courage and caring and think that though there are not many of us ,their are some out there using music to help quietly transform the world,
god bless,
Paul Peabody