Thursday, 14 August 2014

Noooooooo. I don't want it to be over.

So this is our last week.
We started the week as a birthday present. Our friends invited us to play at their friends birthday party as their present to the birthday girl. It was lovely. Fantastic food, Maimi having a night time swim in the almost 'super moon' and us meeting some more lovely people of the Dar community.
We also met with other lovely friends. Nick Bain (brother of Chris Bain!), Robert and Mary, Mike and Penny. So many good friends here now.
We're running workshops each afternoon this week for the ex pat kids, which has been really fun. We'll put on a short concert with them tomorrow after the last session. Both Herbie and Maimi have joined in everything. Maimi has made a great violin buddy in Nora from USA. Herbie has totally loved the drumming workshops with Chris.
We've visited the hospital too and tomorrow we say goodbye to them all.
The last day we were there I spotted a little girl who was here last time I came 17 months ago. Although it's so lovely to see familiar kids faces at the hospital, it means things aren't looking good and they're obviously back for more treatment.  
Her name is Sumaiya. She was having a line put in her wrist for her medicine. They could not find vein. I have no idea how often this happens when trying to find a vein, but blimey it's quite brutal. They went in and out, in and out before eventually hitting the spot. She didn't flinch, or cry, or utter a word, while it was happening. I chatted away to her and she just sat very still waiting for it to be over. 
When it was she said 'Asante', 'thankyou'.
I wouldn't be that brave!
Don't want to come home.............

The last photo is of the gorgeous Happy with Herbie, who has made the house like a palace every day and taken sugar eating to new heights!

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