Thursday, 7 August 2014

Turtles or tortoises?!?!

Looking forward to the next day every day is a good feeling!

We started the day today by visiting our lovely friends Mary and Robert who run kidzcaretanzania. They built the children's home we have visited and many schools too. Herbie and Maimi were desperate to go their house to see their team of lawn mowers-in the shape of tortoises. Or are they turtles? I still don't know.
Then on to the hospital. There was a big group waiting for us today, so we got stuck in to some music fun. The pictures show Chris with the kids having a go on the cello and the fab percussion donated by percussion plus. 
There is a picture of Chris with children all over him as he shows them that talking cat app you get on iPhones. They thought it was totally brilliant. 
It's a 3 day weekend from tomorrow, so instead of being at the hospital we will visit the children's home as they won't be at school. I think it may be for the last time. But haven't told Herbie and Maimi that. 
We'll be back. I know that for a fact now! 
As I write this I'm sat at our friends house, Roy and Zoe. They live in a beautiful place with 2 children and a pack of 5 dogs right on the Indian Ocean. The waves are lapping, the wind chimes are chiming, garlic octopus is on the BBQ, red wine in hand, dogs pottering around. Quite frankly I've never been happier. Looking forward to the next day, every day is a good feeling and with only 10 sleeps left here I'm treasuring every one.



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