Tuesday, 19 August 2014

On we go...

And so we're home again.
Even before we'd reached home in our taxi I'd had an email from a friend with an amazing fund raising idea which will target big insurance businesses.
And on we go....

I wanted to get you all in touch with the wonderful new charity that are taking on the huge task of fund raising for the children's cancer ward. The umbrella charity Children in Crossfire will be pulling out and the end of the year, so the ward are on their own from there on...

A wonderful American couple Jeremy and shannon, have taken on the challenge of raising the funds needed and created the new charity called The Impact Plan.
There is an amazing and really easy to use website (even my mum could do it!).


It has a shopping page where you can spend just $0.73 on a pack of pencils for the classrooms, or you can start our own fund raising page through the website. By doing this you could try and raise the $513 needed for 1 child's chemo for 1 year.

Also for those of you who fancy the experience that Chris and I have had, you can visit Dar and volunteer on the ward. The Impact Plan will help organise it all. Or you can join the Kilimanjaro walk in January to raise funds that way.

They are also advertising worldwide for Paediatric doctors and nurses-not specifically oncologists-although they are always very much needed.

I wanted to show you a few more photos from our trip.....
I hope you enjoy them

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Anonymous said...

Amazing photos !!
Lifetime memories!!

Sherine xxx