Friday, 29 August 2014

The Moments are Countless

Well I knew it would probably happen at some point!
Tonight I was flicking through the amazing photos Chris took on our trip, to print some out for Herbie and Maimis diaries. None of us have had any time to look at them as we started work the day after we got home. Reality smack in the face I can tell you!
I was simply loving looking at them-then it hit me like a tonne of bricks. I can't explain the feeling-it was a sort of panic-we spent all year planning and getting ridiculously excited for this trip. It truly was epic, but I haven't given it time to sink in and truly digest it all.
Our feet did not touch the ground for 6 weeks there and if they did it was to marvel at some incredible view. Like the top of the Sanje Falls that took us all 4 hours to hike up. The sun setting over the Indian Ocean. The raucous sound of the night time frogs. Africa just getting on with life as we drive for 2 days to reach Ruaha, through landscapes I've only dreamt of seeing in person. Not to mention the sight of a child on the ward sitting up in bed as they recognise us and know we = fun!
The moments are countless.
There are photos that set me off bawling- of my own children completely forgetting themselves as they laugh and play with whatever group of kids we happen to be with that day. Be it the wonderful friends they made at the children's home, playing football, doing make up, having water pistol fights. The children on the cancer ward they immediately grew to adore. The ex pat kids they met on our last week doing workshops and a concert, or our dear friends children Ione and Hunter who they happily had sleepovers with and played in the Ocean at the bottom of their garden.
Chris and I made and cemented both new and old friendships and that was a wonderful and unexpected part of our trip.

So, if you've asked me how our trip was and I may have seemed a little vague-the answer is - I just can't find the words. I think the panicked feeling I'm getting is frustration with myself that I can't describe it- not really. I so want everyone to get it like we do. You have to go there and see it, smell it, hear it and breathe it yourself.
I don't feel I'm doing it justice.


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Anonymous said...

I think you are doing it justice Jo. Your description completely brings it all alive and in such a vivid way.
Remember you have these moments at home too.. maybe that will help to connect Africa to life in England and not make it seem so far away.. the beauty of London and all that you do here. I know they are a world away from each other, but it's still humanity and the beauty of this amazing world that we all occupy, wherever we are. xxxxxx