Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Gradeoneathon money raised

So this is exciting. The first place a small amount of the money raised from the Gradeoneathon will go is employing 'clown doctors'. 
Let me explain- clown therapy is a program involving visits from specially trained clowns. They are not doctors, they're usually performers and entertainers in their own right who go through a 40 day training program specifically for work in hospitals. They use techniques such as magic, music, story telling and other clowning skills to empower children with doses of fun that can help them deal with the fear, anxiety, loneliness and boredom. Perfect for our children cancer ward. 
During August and September, 20 young artists of Dar es Salaam will participate in this training course. A few will then be chosen and employed by the hospital for regular visits-paid for by the Gradeoneathon!
Cool huh!
I'm just sad I won't be here to see it in action. But we have been promised photos when it's up and running.

Here's some photos of today's fun. We had an English style birthday party. With pass the parcel, pin the tail on the elephant, jelly and cake. Also I had to show you the little ones we spend most lunch times with-maimi and Herbie adore them. They're very easy to make laugh!

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Simply Beautiful!!!

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