Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Letter day - I love it!

Before we could begin the key broke in the classroom door so we ended up in another tiny classroom. Eventually we spilled out into the corridor. So gradually other various children joined in from other wards. It was chaos when I got my balloons out!

Letter days is always such a fab day. This time I had so many letters from British kids, it gave the teachers a huge amount of translating work to do. The kids loved hearing from the British kids.

Then it was their turn to write some letters-here's a sample of a few
'My name is Felix. I like football. I am 13. I have 3 sister and 1 brother. I like flowers. I hate disease. Pray for me. One day I will be alright.'
'My name is Godbless. I am 5 years old. I hate disease. I believe in Jesus Christ. One day I will be well. Thank you for everything. Welcome to Tanzania.'
'My name is Mariam. I am 12 years old. I like swimming, reading, story books, praying and to chat with my friends. I like doing exercise. Thank you for your gifts. God bless you.'

This one is from my own wonderful daughter Maimi. She wanted to take part and this is what she wrote.
'Hi everyone, we are having a great time. I have made lots of new friends. Friend in Swahili is rafiki. There are lots of cuties. One is called Raulian, he is a real cutie. There's one called Sophie and Dismass. Last but not least Rihanna. At the children's home I have a new friend. I think she is my best rafiki. She is called Anett. Jambo Anett this letter is for you.xxxxxx'

That made my day-the kids are really getting under her skin and so I think is Africa.

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