Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Settling in

So we finally arrived yesterday. So, so tired after a night flight with a change at 4am and a 4 hour wait for the next flight.
I was totally shocked when all our bags were waiting for us at Dar. I counted them all-yes 7 suitcases, 1 cello, copious hand baggage, big violin, little violin, trumpet and 2 children. All there.
It took me about 3 hours after arriving at our lovely house before I realised we'd somehow left a huge big red suitcase at the airport!!
Did I mention the lack of sleep..... So very very tried-of course I immediately burst into tears, as it was one the bags full of donated games, percussion, teddies, presents for all the staff, 130 hand fans for the hospital and loads of other stuff. 
A wonderful chap called Celestine drove me back, through probably the most hideous traffic on the planet, to the airport telling me all the way to stay calm-I hope I wasn't the first over emotional and over tired English woman he'd ever encountered!
My big red suitcase was quietly waiting for me in a corner of unclaimed baggage. 
phew!!! Thank The Lord-and Celestine for that.
Alls well now and we're all excited about going to the hospital tomorrow. 
PS My blooming phones not connecting to wifi-which will be a big pain and mean I can't take photos on it for my blog. Any ideas on that gratefully received.

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Louise said...

Glad you got there safe and sound and case retrieved. No idea about the photos and wifi, maybe a different connection will work. Make sure you have all the settings right.. xx