Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The first day...

And it's like we've been here for ever.
Apart from being crazy tried still, Herbie and Maimi took everything in their stride and had new best friends in seconds.Maimi fell in love with 2 little girls of about 2-3 years old called Sophia and Rihanna. Herbie met a boy his age called Karim who is as into football as he is. 
We've started the loom band craze here and it's properly kicked off!
After spending some time at the hospital we went over to the ward to visit the bed bound children. I squealed as I walked into a ward and recognised a beautiful boy that was here last time I was. He's called Clement and he's been back and forth over the last year and a bit-he's finally going home tomorrow, but it's not the end for him and he'll be back soon for more treatment.
The ward is much much quieter than my last visit, when it felt filled to the rafters. Janet explained that it's because it's harvesting time and the parents must work on their farms to get the money to come to the hospital for treatment. Imagine holding off your child's life saving cancer treatment for a few weeks or months even, because you needed to do that run off gigs to pay for it!
We're so damn lucky!,
Herbie keeps asking me who out of the children are poorly with cancer. All of them I say-but he can't understand how they are happy, running around playing football and having fun. It's such a cruel disease, and so tricky to explain-especially when I don't get it or understand it myself.

Tomorrow will be puzzle and snakes and ladders day-if we can drag them away from the loom bands!

Here's some lovely pictures of our first day.....

PS note to self, when we all get home tired, hungry and grubby don't lock us all out of the house as we head into the garden for 1/2 an hours play!


freya said...

Oh God please don't let me cry at every blog!

Anonymous said...

Jo you Chris are so Awesome you have really brought Joy to these kids GOD has been using you guys to promote kindness to these kids Amazing!! Herbie you and Maims are simple beautiful you are just so natural to kindness..the kids there are so Awesome to be till happy despite their illness.miss you guys lots of love Sherine xxxx

Anonymous said...

Goal!!! Herbie champxxx

Sherine xx