Monday, 28 July 2014

What a busy and wonderful day. Maimi started our workshop playing her recorder to the children. Then we did lots of percussion stuff, followed by parachute fun. Then we learnt colours in Swahili and English. 
We've found that Herbie and Maimi's favourite place for lunch is a very local cafe called Octopub-thanks to Matt Nicholson for introducing me to it last time! I'm astonished that Herbie and Maimi love it-but they do. We have to constantly swat flies and try not to tread on all the pregnant cats around us. But the food is great and at less than £2 for a huge plate of food-we can eat out there every day we're at the hospital!
Then it was back to the hospital for a visit from a local clown. This was a bit of a demo to see what the kids made of it. There were a few little children who we're very afraid of his multi coloured wig-but when he ditched that and got on with the show-it was brilliant! They all joined in his games and fun and we're beaming from ear to ear by the time he'd finished. They were left happy and exhausted.

Ps-did I mention last time that the key broke in the lock of the classroom. So that was 5 days ago. Anyone you ask has no answer as to how to sort this out. It just needs the lock changing. So we're back in a tiny room or spilling on to the hall and risking getting chucked out if we make too much noise. I seem to have lost my frustrated gene-as it's pointless to kick up a fuss. No-one reacts, no-one sees the need or urgency. If it's still the same next week I think Chris will sort it himself-he hasn't lost his frustrated gene!


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Anonymous said...

Maims and Herbie you are such naturals you guys have embrace so warmly proud of you love u loads

Sherine xxx