Monday, 18 March 2013

African sky

Wow the sky in Africa truly is incredible! I've heard it said before, but like everything in life, until you see it for yourself there's no way you'll appreciate it fully.
Another lovely day today - the children learning animal names in English and them laughing at me as I try and pronounce them in Swahili!
We stuck to African animals and I was interested to see if they were as in love with their natural surroundings and animals as I was. The jury's out on that one though. They certainly loved doing the drawings, some incredibly detailed and really good, but I guess it's so normal for them to see monkeys swinging in the trees, and giant African snails!
Chris, Herbie and Maimi skyped me when I was in the classroom, which was so cool! The kids thought it was great seeing Herbie shouting 'habari' and my 2 really loved seeing where mummy had been for the past 2 weeks!
I've made jelly to take in tomorrow. That should cause some fun!!!

3 comments: said...

Wow! Sky looks amazing Jo. I'm sure that rainbow came out just for you. xx

Gerry xx said...

That's an amazing sky. Wow, it's jelly on a plate time. They'll love it, it's such fun! Big hugs xx

pookey said...

Beautiful! Meanwhile back in dreary Anerley ... x