Sunday, 24 March 2013


I'm on a ferry on the way back from Zanzibar. What a beautiful beautiful place. But my god it struggles in so many ways. I happened to be staying with the only doctor on the island. We were out in the evening and he was called back to his house for an emergency, a sick child belonging to a Brazilian family on holiday. they would have had insurance to pay And the child was fine. But what do the incredibly poor locals do? No financial help, No A+E, no ambulance. There is a hospital but I wouldn't go there!
We were at a rotary club fundraising thing which was interesting to see what they've achieved-building schools, helping children born with club foot and albinism.
So people are trying to get things sorted.

But as I drove across Zanzibar today my driver told me there is no petrol across most of the island at the moment. He was glad to be taking me to the beach as we would probably find a small petrol station with some left. So yes we drove north for me to have 3 hrs beach action. I figured I was aloud an hour per week I'd been here. My poor pasty English winter skin did not cope well with the African sun, and even though I factored up big time-I'm burnt to a crisp. That'll teach me!
As we got back to stone town for me to catch my ferry we saw the petrol stations were shut apart from 1 with a colossal queue.
What a continent of contradictions this is!

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