Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The rain !

Well we discovered today that the 2 week old hostel is not water tight. The rain poured in at the bottom of the walls!

I met some of the children today and have some lovely photos of them playing with the train set and puzzles I brought over. They love the balloon models too! I can't post them yet though as I have to get permission. I will though very soon.

This is going to be fun!!


mummyratesit.co.uk said...

Oh wow! Did you have room in your case for waterproofs? Looking forward to seeing your pics. You won't believe it but it's actually sunny and quite warm here today. xxx

pookey said...

omg, great pic! bet you're still sweating though. sounds like you are on cloud 9. and re the above, sunny and warm - for a day no doubt! x

Gerry x said...

Can't wait to see their little faces. Can I email you re: songs? Xx