Wednesday, 20 March 2013

What a day and what inspirations!

Oh my what a day. I can't stop smiling. So this morning I did some recording for a BBC documentary to be aired in Tanzania. Followed by some more recording for a local pop star! Doing some more of that tomorrow.
Then- wow, then- I went about an hours drive away to Bagamoya, to visit a children's home set up and run by the local violin teacher Robert and his inspirational wife Mary.
They have also built 4 schools and I'm sure will be building more. The children were such a joy to meet. Ages ranging from 3-19. All with different stories as to how they ended up at the home. Each as horrendous as the next. I can't bring myself to tell you now and don't want to dwell on it, because they were so so happy.
The home is beautiful. Clean and tidy and the children are impeccably well behaved, and are all attending the local schools and speaking English. It's a real family. All thanks to Robert and Mary. When I asked her how long they can stay, she said until they're ready to leave, just like our own children! (Did I mention they have 9 of their own!!!)
We had such fun! It started with a performance from the children for me, created entirely by them. Then I did some workshop stuff with them. It was great, they all got it so quickly and sang with gusto and enthusiasm. We had one drum. You can create so much without instruments!

I'd really hoped to meet people on this trip who would inspire me to continue seeking to do what I can and encourage others to do the same. My God I have not been disappointed.
Leone and Matt are so hard working and dedicated to what they do. Even with a young family out here they strive to train locals to continue what they have begun, and that has been their philosophy in every country they've worked in. (Theres been quite a few!)
Joyce, my American teacher host has travelled the world with her son (6 countries in 12 years) exposing him to so many different cultures and political ideals that he is now studying international affairs in the USA.
Yes and Robert and Mary, who I met by chance have inspired me beyond belief.
I will be back to work at the hospital again for Children in Crossfire and also I will be staying at the children's home to do what I can there,and in their schools. But the next time I won't be alone. Chris, Herbie and Maimi will be here to share the experience with me.

Robert and Mary's charity

Matt an Leone's


Derek watts said...

For me Jo your story has moved me beyond words and I feel this picture sums up all that you have been trying to achieve.

With love and deep pride,

Dad xxxxxx

inspiration125 said...
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inspiration125 said...

Jo, the pics are Awsome!!! Against their adversary the kids can still have such beautiful smile they Rock!!!! Herbie and the other kids pur on A Fab Easter concert! Xxx sherine

Gerry xx said...

Jo...amazing experience! Can't wait to see you and hear all about your trip. Maimi, Chris and herbie are all fine. We are so looking forward to seeing you next week. Big hugs xx