Monday, 25 March 2013

The End

So that was it! My last day.

I went in early as planned and ended up spending an hour in the room where they take bloods and change the canular thingys.
Should be straight forward right?! Well each child has so much scar tissue from previous tests and attempts they just can't find a vein.
Poor Yasiri who has had a leg amputated (you'll be hearing more about that from me, because as soon as he's well enough I'm determind to get him a new leg!) he's feisty, artistic and very clever. But today was a bad day for him.
They just couldn't find a vein anywhere. I mean they must have tried about 10-15 times-each time really hurt him. Eventually they put the canular in his thumb. He didn't make it down to the classroom today, so I went back up and sat with him a lot. He felt rotten. He was constantly sick and very weak. Not the boy I met 3 weeks ago, that became my right hand man on his drum.

It was worth seeing what they have to go through before making it down the the classroom. It helped me to understand why some days I struggled to get anything from them. They just felt rubbish and I guess whatever we did and however little they joined in, it still went some way to taking their minds of it.

When it came to saying goodbye-yes it was hard, especially when they all sang me a song and gave me cards they'd made. I hope to never see them there again. I hope they all recover and go home before their next birthdays.

Waiting happily in the bloods cue! So so brave!

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pookey said...

well done honey. Sounds like your role is actually only just beginning. How exciting and can't wait to see you. Safe trip home