Sunday, 24 March 2013

Future plans

Spent an exciting evening discussing future plans with Matt and Leone.
They would like me to come back next year. Ofcourse I'm jumping at the chance. Apparently what I did had an impact and they'd like me to continue the work. I'm so so pleased. I quietly dreamt this would become a longer endeavour, but was never sure if it could happen!
The charity are opening 2 more similar centres in other parts of Tanzania so that also could be a possibility of future visits.

I know it's cheesy, but its bloody true- there really is nothing else that speaks to people like music.
I thought I knew that-
Well I do know!

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Anonymous said...

it's not bloody cheesy!!! don't you dare even go there by discounting any aspect of what you have just given over the past few weeks by saying music is cheesy! it's what we all live by you looney!!! (and you know it).
So happy for you that the trip was such a massive success!