Tuesday, 12 March 2013

How will life ever be the same again

You know this is such a surreal experience as I flip from being happy beyond my wildest dreams to so so desperately sad it's un true.
I can't ever show it and I don't feel my blog is the place for that either. I took a little master class for the local ex-pat violin kids today, such a world apart from where I'd spent most of my day. Their lovely teacher also runs a children's home for orphans of HIV parents-so I'm travelling up there for an afternoons music, fun and games later this week.

Where ever you look there's someone who needs your time and help. How will life ever be the same again?! Xxx


pookey said...

Hello jo,

amazing experiences, to be treasured.
I bet you'll come back full of gusto not deflated and I'm sure you can find something or some people here that could use some of your energy, compassion and fun too x

Anonymous said...

and the most beautiful thing is that their lives will never be the same either, having spent just the smallest amount of time with you. You will be an ever present memory of people that care enough to reach out to them and make a difference in their precious lives.
Sally. xx

inspiration125 said...

Hi Jo,
The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow. For every challenge encountered there is opportunity for growth. You are making à great différence in their lives ...I pray their sufferings to be over and their tears to be laughter sherine xxx

mummyratesit.co.uk said...

You'd be disappointed if your life was ever the same again, wouldn't you? I know for sure you will have given so much to all the people that you meet. Thinking of you lots xxx