Sunday, 10 March 2013

My new friend

I love him and I want one! He followed me! He's like a dog. All he wanted was a tickle!
Back to work tomorrow. I've made cardboard body parts that they've got to put together to learn the English names, then there's a plethora of body part songs we can do! ( head shoulders knees and toes and all that stuff!)
The local violin teacher called me today.He teaches at the international school. I'm going to give a little master class to his pupils and then we'll do a small concert all together in a couple o weeks. Very excited!

Ps I almost trod on a giant African snail last night!

4 comments: said...

Aaah I love tortoises we had two when we were growing up - not that big though! Do they eat the snails?..

Gerry xx said...

Happy Mother's Day, jo. Have fun singing about the body parts. Head shoulders knees toes/ have you ever noticed your nose / happy and you know it / open shut them / finales like to wiggle waggle. Big hugs, have lots of fun. Xxxx

Gerry xx said...

That last song should be fingers like to wiggle waggle. Xx

Louise M said...

Hi Jo
I am really sorry I didn't make a poster. Perhaps someone could still
send me a poster even though
I didn't make one,hope the snail didn't get hurt.

love Jude steele