Thursday, 7 March 2013

Some pics

So excited I can show some photos.

I spent the morning at the hospital school room. It was great. Lots of rhythm games and a couple if songs taught. Then Steve wonder in the background as we made spiral mobiles.
I still can't show my pictures from there. So these pictures are from this afternoon where I moved onto the hostel for those children who are well enough to stay a few minutes walk away in between treatments.

I spotted the parents who stay with the children as there are no 24hr hospital carers there. They were busy making bead things. The hostel is trying to keep them busy and teach them a trade of some sort, while making abit of money selling necklaces and crotchet bits. I asked David who works at the charity to ask their permission for using the photos.
A long conversation took place where I got the distinct feeling they were having a good joke and I think at my expense. The out come was yes ofcourse I can use them-but can she brings sodas tomorrow?!

So in the photo of the children are most of my group at the hostel. Amosi in the front has a large tumour so big it's displaced his eye and then theres lovely Honerina in the hat who's face I have never seen. Apparently when she arrived few people would go near here because of the smell of her rotting skin. She loves to colour and spend ages doing so. Amosi I realised today is quite feisty! Little Derek at the front in red-what a poppit, always smiling.

They loved the violin and really tried hard with all the new things I was throwing at them. I don't know when to introduce the recorders. They found some tin whistles I brought today and were trying to get a sound out side ways like a flute.


2 comments: said...

Ooww love their faces and their reaction to you Jo. They must be loving it. How are you feeling? And how are you coping? Hope you manage to look after yourself it must be really hard - it makes me fill up a bit just looking at their beautiful faces and thinking how I would feel if I was their parent. Take care. Lots of love xxx

Gerry x said...

Look at their wee faces. They look like they are having a good time. Take care of you, Jo. It must be so hard. Well done for bringing such joy to them. We had a great time at Mary's birthday party on Friday, maimi looked lovely. Chris is doing brilliantly but you knew he would. Have lots of fun! Xxx