Thursday, 21 March 2013

Popstar power!

Wow what a cool day.
I was so lucky to be at the rehearsals this morning for the hostel gig later on this afternoon. They wanted me to play on some tunes too. What an honour! Such simple beautiful songs, and there is nowhere else in the world you will hear voices like these. There's something about African voices and their effortless close harmony and that raw sound no European voice can replicate.
I'm a Bongo Flava fan now. It's real sunshine happy music, and will be the sound track to my summer in south London that's for sure!

The kids, teachers, helpers, parents and nurses of course all loved it. We had a big Easter party with plenty of music.

It couldn't have happened without the hard work and dedication of the wonderful Matt Nicholson. What a talented guy. He organised and rehearsed them all. No mean feat I can tell you. What with the heat, the fact that they had been recording until 4am and then called for a 9am rehearsal. Not to mention an African minute usually means and hour later. But it all went so so smoothly. Well done Matt

I then went to the ward again to play to the children who were too ill to leave their beds, so unfortunately missed it. They had been given party bags full of all the great stuff people had donated.

I played again to little Kelvin who the last 2 times I'd played to hadn't reacted at all and I had only carried on because his mother asked me to. He's 5 but looks like a 2 year old. His arms are as wide as my thumb. He is not well. This time though he asked me to play something fast then faster still. He beamed and beamed. Moments like that made my trip.

I cried all the way home.


Mick said...

You superstar Jo. I've just red all you blog entries in one hit. Happy, sad, but all inspirational.

Wonderful stuff,

Mick said...

Ow Jo, you really are sharing your trip beautifully. They're going to really miss you. Well done you xxx

Gerry xx said...

OMG.....hearing about little Kelvin made me cry. You really are making a difference to their lives Jo. Stay strong, big hugs for you when you get home.. Big hugs to all those brave children. Xx