Sunday, 24 March 2013

My friends and family

So I'm nearing the end of this adventure.

I feel a few posts may appear over the next 24 hours as I try to make sense of how the last 3 weeks has left me feeling.

It's not just the actual coming to work with the children in the cancer ward-that deserves a separate moment to itself. It's the many extra things that have happened that have continued to astonish me.

One big one is my friends and family. From donations of everything you can think of, from people both near and dear to me and from complete strangers. From many people totally taking things into their own hands and putting out their own plea on my behalf. Mick Doran being one. Thankyou Mick x. Chereene Allen. Thankyou too x
Then came money from people which at first I felt very uncomfortable accepting, but then realised it could be used in some excellent ways for the charity. I have kept a log of what was donated and where it's gone, I'll put that on a later blog.
The whole suitcase flight issue blew me away beyond anything else. I mean really that was a bloody triumph to the people! Special thank you to Norman Lebrecht.

Also while I've been here, every morning I woke the first thing I did was read any messages and comments from people.
The fact that people bothered to read my blog let alone comment meant the world to me. Some of your comments moved me to tears and gave me the boost I needed.
I have never felt so privileged to know all of you who have shared this with me.
Thank you xjox

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