Sunday, 24 March 2013

Last day!

Couldn't sleep. Woke at 5.30,
so excited. I didn't think I'd feel like this on my last day, but its because I know I'll be back. Even though I hope and pray I won't see any of the children again that are here now, because I want them all to have gone home happy and healthy by the time I get back!

I'm desperate to get to the ward. Can't decide if 7.30 is too early?
I'm over the moon the guys here have told me I have made a lasting difference.

The Director said after the popstars came that I have left a lasting legacy! 'Blimey what me?' I said. But apparently they are going to be ambassadors for the charity, mentioning them at gigs, visiting more and having an on going relationship with the charity! I mean that is above and beyond anything I'd wished for.

Ofcourse I am also soooo excited that I get to see my own 2 baby's tomorrow. They have been so good and really brave too. God I can't wait. Chris I'm desperate to see you too-you're not forgotten by any stretch of the imagination!

Off I go! Last day!

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