Monday, 11 March 2013

One day I will never forget!

Well today was definitely a day I will never forget-for lots of reasons!
I had a great time with the children-lots of singing and drumming then we made cardboard people to try and learn the body parts.
I was starting to get used to the general state of the hospital and was even thinking actually its not too bad, and they do a good job of keeping it clean-that was until my walk between the school room and the hostel. I saw a juicy fat rat run between some rubbish and on closer inspection I saw the rubbish was ofcourse hospital waste ie syringes, latex gloves, dangerous chemical tins! Bloody hell!

At the hostel I brought 2 crates of soda for everyone, as promised. The parents were so grateful. I love getting to know them more. They were hanging inside the windows listening as I played some folk tunes and the kids drummed away.

On my way back to the school room to drop my art stuff for tomorrow's session and then go home, I walked straight into a family who had just lost a child. It was not one of my cancer children, they came out of a different children's ward and walked right into me. That was a sight I will never ever forget. They wailed and wailed.
I just couldn't go home after witnessing that. So I went upstairs to the ward and sat with the mums. Because its so damn crowded, sometimes 2/3 to a bed they spend all day sitting on the floor in the halls. They feed their baby's and children there, they sleep there, they do everything there. So I sat down with one group of women and painted all the fingers and toe nails.
I'm so so glad I did that and didn't go straight home. I'm going to stock up on nail varnish and go every day. I obviously had no idea what they were talking about, but I felt part of their mums group and they loved it that all their children knew me and were climbing all over me.

So a hugely mixed day, but it'll stay with me forever.

At the hostel with the soda!
The rubbish!


pookey said...

ah jo, what a fab thing to do. made me cry. keep it up xxx said...

Oh Jo. That's so sad, I don't ever want to know what that feels like. I love the way your mothering/female instincts kicked in and you bonded via nail varnish. Bless you. xx

gerry xx said...

That's one hell of a day! Made me cry, sending you a massive hug. Stay strong, you are doing a great job. Big hugs to the family that lost their baby and the children you are working with. Xx

Hels said...

You are an angel Jo. You inspire me xx